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Enjoy Herbal Tea Culture

Guangdong Herbal Tea Museum

Intangible Cultural Heritage, Culture of Guangdong Herbal Tea

  • The museum, located in the Xiangxue headquarters campus, is divided into two areas - indoor exhibition hall and outdoor herb garden, covering an area of 21,500 square meters in total. 
  • 20 Exhibition Areas: History & Story, Dispensing, Odor Identification, Sport & Health, Modern Herbal Tea, Rare Medicinal Materials, Interactive Experience etc. 
  • When you enjoy herbal tea culture in the museum, you will find the secret why herbal tea can help to boost health of human bodies physically and mentally. Based on the similar principle, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and herbal tea are reflections of the thought of “Combination of human and nature”.
Aromatic & Medicinal Herb Garden

You will find approximately 300 species of medicinal and aromatic plants, including arbor, shrub, herbs and vines. If you are interested, you can manage to identify plants of herbal tea ingredients among them.


Houpu Healthy & Cultural Centers

Located in the Xiangxue headquarter campus, the restaurant aims to combine Chinese cooking with traditional Chinese medicine to get the effects of health keeping and disease preventing. There are 15 VIP rooms named after different Chinese medical herbs and the main hall is designed and built for 150 people. 

The cuisine of Houpu pursues the original flavor and umami taste of dishes, so it is cooked lightly with mild and fresh flavors. The chefs highlight food’s freshness and they use very little seasonings in cooking. Soup and porridge are representative dishes.

Coming from Chinese medicine, the key concept of Houpu is "Prevent disease before its occurrence". To preserve health, Houpu believes he/she should adapt to the natural laws and keep balance between yin and yang of body.

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